These comments were part of our Annual Survey from the Moore Mental Health office. 

100% of clients felt respected and valued.

100% of clients would refer a friend or family member.

100% of clients felt that confidentiality was respected.

Comments from the 2016 Survey

“What you are doing is great!.”

“Dr. Moore's advice has been very helpful to both my daughter and myself.”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Her objective honesty. I always felt welcome and understood”

“Thank you for working with my child, although we have a long road ahead, you have helped both her and I.”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Professionalism"

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “I didn't feel crazy. She made me feel what I was experiencing was something I could work through and gave me tools to do just that.

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Learning new skill and other meaning to life”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “She is very understanding.” 

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Dr. Moore listens and wants to know all about the patient to develop a plan for counseling. Dr. Moore is very focused and professional.”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Objective support”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Dr. Moore's friendly and approachable demeanor makes it easy for my daughter and I to open up to her and ask questions. I feel that sense of comfort makes counseling a more positive and productive experience.”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “The approach to make the child feel comfortable.”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Flexibility.”

Comments from the 2015 Survey

"I have learned to exercise self talk which has helped tremendously."

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Thorough and efficiency in counseling time. Availability of counselor is wonderful.”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Dr. Moore always remembers things that we talk about during our sessions. And I feel like she really cares.”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “I learned that when children are involved always continue to let them know that it's okay to have someone other than a parent to talk to”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “Providing an environment of comfort allowing my daughter to discuss her feelings”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “caring and listening”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “The best part was feeling welcomed.”

[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] “She was a great listener.”

“Thank you Dr. Moore for your sincere and professional behavior and communication.”

Comments from the 2014 Survey

“I was quite pleased with having a female young therapist ( Dr. Moore ) to work with versus an older male of a different ethnic background who could not relate to me as a female. I also felt that she was knowledgeable in her area of expertise and she was current in developing her method of treatment of her clients. She apparently keeps up with her Continuing education and the most current ways to approach treatment. I definitely would refer a friend or any person that would ask me for a name of a therapist.”

“Dr. Moore is amazing.”

“Dr. Moore is the best.”

“[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] Allowing the parent or parents to be hands on and a part of the counseling process was a great part of the growth my daughter experienced. The Family as a whole benefited from the techniques and tools that were provided.”

“[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] Being available on weekends. I really like Dr. Moore's voice. It is soothing. And I feel like she is really listening to me.”

“I like the access to care and professionalism [with Dr. Moore].”

“I felt very comfortable and cared for [with Dr. Moore].”

“The best part(s) [with Dr. Moore] are the extremely detailed evaluations, the care and attention for finding out needed information to develop a sound evaluation, traveling to the facility to complete evaluations, follow up to ensure the evaluations have been received, etc.”

“[Best part of counseling with Dr. Moore] reviewing your goals and having the anxiety rating scale that shows how you have improved or not. I found it quite useful to have something tangible to use to compare and contrast how I was doing within my therapy. I also like the cognitive worksheets we used from time to time.”

“My daughter was given tools by Dr. Moore that are instrumental in her everyday life. The entire family has benefited from Dr.Moore giving effective counseling and tools to aid in better communication.”

“I am not being as hard on myself. Dr. Moore is helping me realize that not everything is my fault, and my partner isn't perfect. Also, she has challenged me to make sure I have some consistency in my life and stick to doing activities I love once or twice a week.”

“I have learned how to set smaller more meaningful goals that are easier to accomplish. I also have gained insight and learned how to be more assertive and not always trying to please everyone.”

“[I am now] able to use self talk exercises to help with anxieties.”

"Dr. Moore I felt so much better after speaking with you. I did not expect to get such practical homework the first session! I was truly overjoyed.

It seemed so simple, your explanation of a human need for gratification. You were right on point to explain my need for daily human contact to provide that gratification. It made so much sense to me on a deep level, like something I knew, but needed you to tell me in just the way you did. I made certain to put getting out each day my priority. I feel calmer already.

I am so looking forward to working with you! I feel so blessed to have found you."

“Dr. Moore is professional yet she makes her client feel comfortable and treats you with dignity.”


"Being a parent you want your child's mental and physical health to be healthy. I began to notice signs that my children may not be in the best mental state of mind. I contacted Dr. Melissa Moore at Dr. Moore responded and I had my consult by phone. The process was straightforward and an appointment was made. My children are 9 and 12 so telling them they were going to see a Doctor for counseling; I was met with resistance in the beginning. Dr. Moore used the best methods based upon their individual needs. She met with me and then each child individually. She equipped them with tools they were able to use in their environment and carry throughout their lives. After a few sessions my 9 year old had showed so much improvement that he no longer had to see Dr. Moore. My 12 year old needed much more counseling than just a few sessions. She was in a dark place and suffered from mild depression. Dr. Moore was able to gain her trust through their sessions and my daughter opened up. My willingness to see my daughter through the therapy and work on the techniques given by Dr. Moore for us to practice at home were a huge success. With the tools my daughter learned in therapy; she is now an optimistic,vibrant, outgoing preteen. She graduated from therapy and is doing very well socially and at home. I'm grateful that I didn't let my fears and concerns about seeking professional help hold them back. I'm here to tell you that your family, child or children can benefit from therapy."


"Before therapy my 12 year old granddaughter stayed to herself, didn't want to be with family and friends, always had a attitude, didn't want to do what was asked of her, cutting herself, got upset when told to clean her room, and thought she couldn't do anything right. However, since working with Dr. Moore my granddaughter now asks if she can help to do things, is more involved in family activities, have confidence in herself, and she talks more (doesn't hide or exclude herself as much). Moreover, she is happier now and she shares her feelings. Also, she interacts with her friends more and talks to them on the phone. Overall I am very happy to see this change. Dr. Moore has done a very good job in counseling my granddaughter and myself as old as I am we still have room for improvement!"